Warren Bowie & Smith’s innovative mobile trading app

Warren Bowie & Smith’s mobile app is available both for iOS and Android provides you with the same features and benefits as the desktop version. Except you can access it from any point of the world with a simple touch of your thumb.

Warren Bowie And Smith xcite plataforma

Turn your mobile device into a financial superpower with a simple flick of your hand

Have instant access to all our helpful research tools in a compact optimized platform fitting the palm of your hand perfectly.

Warren Bowie & Smith’s state-of-the-art, intuitive Mobile Xcite app helps you make fast and simple trades while carrying all the financial information you need in your pocket at the same time. Scroll through all our features with a single flick and upgrade your trading portfolio no matter where you are.

The Mobile Xcite is the easiest way to access our platform, yet you still get all the benefits of its big brother, the Web-based version. You will receive Stop Loss/Take Profit options, free email & push notifications on market events, alerts on price movements, Trader’s Trends, and more right on the screen of your phone or tablet. Make the most of the non-stop access to the global markets and all the great features and functionalities through a smoother, user-friendly interface. All the latest market news, Economic Calendar, and frequently updated analysеs are at your disposal as usual. Of course, you can also open different types of positions, check asset movements and follow different trading strategies and trends at all times.
Aside from being entirely intuitive and easy-to-use, the Mobile Xcite platform is perfect for trading on the go, as profit opportunities might strike at any given point. If such an opportunity occurs, a price alert could be set to notify you that the time is right to open or close a certain position. Seizing the right moment in trading is essential for maximizing your potential profits. Whether your out for a stroll in the park, shopping in the mall, or watching TV on the couch, you can always make the perfect trade. So why miss it? If you need help you can contact us!
Optimization is key in the digital universe as technology changed the world as we know it right before our eyes. Now it also shapes the way we invest. And this is why Warren Bowie & Smith’s mobile Xcite provides you with the same functionalities as the desktop version, but in a compact, easy-to-use app. Desktop, Android, or iOS - you name it, we got it! Our trading platform is perfectly optimized and suited for every device in order to match your personal needs.

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